Six Shooter’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

10. Kristian Bush – Southern Gravity
It had been a long time coming from the Sugarland songwriter and guitarist but 2015 saw the debut solo record from Kristian Bush in

Southern Gravity. It’s uplifting mix of tracks including Make Another Memory and Trailer Hitch made this a positive first mark on the

solo landscape from Bush. When we spoke to him in London he said he had plenty more written for record two so watch this space.

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9. Maddie & Tae – Start Here133

This duo released their debut album in 2015 following on from the success of the single Girl In A Country Song. The strong willed lyrics

of Girl In A Country Song bit back against the male dominated culture of modern country music. The record also boasted the soaring

Fly and the beautiful After The Storm Blows Through amongst others, which showed the kind of variety that some acts have missed in

recent years. Maddie and Tae will be appearing at the Country 2 Country festival in 2016.

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8. Kip Moore – Wild Ones132

The follow up to 2013’s Up All Night was highly anticipated and Kip didn’t let us down with this collection. From its moody title track

opener to the self-deprecating I’m To Blame this album had it all. Kip’s raspy vocals have matured a little since his debut album and

the record took a harder and rockier edge. This was definitely the sign of an artist moving into bigger and louder things.

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7. A Thousand Horses – Southernality50

Another debut album makes it onto the list in A Thousand Horses Southernality. These southern rockers have put together a

fantastic collection of ballsy and stomping numbers that just doesn’t let up. From the Rolling Stones sounding opener First Time

through to the party anthem Trailer Trashed the band leave no stone unturned. They also manage to up the sentiment for songs

like Where I’m Going.

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6. Aaron Watson – The Underdog123

This record came as Watson’s tenth studio album but maybe had a bigger impact that any. It’s Johnny Cash inspired opener The

Prayer set’s the moody tone followed by heartfelt songs like Bluebonnets and One Of Your Nights. There are also enough honky

tonk stompers such as Freight Train and Blame It On Those Baby Blues to get your toes tapping. Aaron will be touring the UK in

January and is well worth checking out.

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5. Alan Jackson – Angels & Alcohol131
After a few years of making bluegrass and gospel records the legend that is Alan Jackson returned in 2015 with the very country

Angels & Alcohol. Opened with the fitting You Can Always Come Home the album doesn’t let up with Jackson producing some of

his finest work in the likes of You Never Know and the modern classic Jim and Jack and Hank. Jackson proved here that he really

hasn’t lost any of his quality and provided a welcome antidote for those country traditionalists looking for something more up

their street.

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4. Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material121
There are very few country music fans out there who didn’t have Kacey’s sophomore album on their radar from the start of 2015.

After the stunning and personal Same Trailer, Different Park we were all hoping for more of the same from Musgraves… and we

didn’t get it. What we got was a record and a sound that had clearly matured. She still held on the to personal small town stories

but we saw it take into account her rise to fame in lyrics such as “I had my picture took with Willie Nelson, stayed in a hotel with

a pool” reflecting how honest and thankful Kacey is for her rise in Dimestore Cowgirl. Kacey will be performing on the main stage

at Country 2 Country 2016.

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3. Ashley Monroe – The Blade128

Any of the top three or four albums on this list could have come first and The Blade from Ashley Monroe certainly fits the bill. It’s

mix of country, soul and pop make the album a fantastic mix of genres. The opener On To Something Good sets the tone nicely

but the show is really stolen by the heart wrenching tracks The Blade and Bombshell. Monroe’s voice is full of heart, soul and

charm throughout which makes for a truly fantastic record. Ashley will be performing on the Yamaha Music Stage in London and

the main stage in Glasgow and Dublin at Country 2 Country 2015.

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2. Striking  Matches – Nothing But The Silence101

Striking Matches are a duo who have put in some serious work in recent years. They’ve toured and played shows until their

fingers bled, they’ve come over to the UK and built a huge fan base and they’ve had writing credits for some fantastic songs –

including a handful used on the Nashville TV show. Their debut album was highly anticipated – arguably more in the UK than

the States – and it did not disappoint. The pair show of their guitar chops on songs like Make A Liar Out Of Me whereas tunes

like When The Right One Comes Along and God & You show the tender side. They’re a pair who deserves all the credit in the

world. Striking Matches will be performing on the Yamaha Music Stage at Country 2 Country 2016.

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1. Chris Stapleton – Traveller

What can we say about Chris Stapleton that hasn’t already been said in the last year? Stapleton went from being a successful Nashville songwriter who wrote some of the best songs of the last ten years, including Luke Bryan’s Drink A Beer, to a country music megastar himself. Traveller is a record that blends Stapleton’s somewhat more traditional country sound with his powerful and soulful vocals in a way that has grabbed the attention of the entire country music world. His performance of Tennessee Whiskey with Justin Timberlake surely fits into the list of best CMA Awards performances of all time. This is a record from a man who has waited too long for his due and will surely be the start of a legacy. Chris will be performing on the main stage at Country 2 Country in 2016.


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We have to also give an honourable mention to some of the artists and their albums that we just couldn’t fit on the list. We found each of the records below to be outstanding in their own way but they just couldn’t manage to knock any of there others of our list:

Ryan Bingham – Fear & Saturday Night
Luke Bryan – Kill The Lights
Zac Brown Band – Jekyl + Hyde
Old Dominion – Meat & Candy
Cam – Untamed
Eric Church – Mr Misunderstood

And of course those British acts that have done their bit in flying our flag this last year:

Sasha McVeigh – I Stand Alone
Jess & The Bandits – Here We Go Again
Raintown – Writing On The Wall
Dexeter – Four Thousand Miles From Nashville

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