Sister C – Demo Sessions Vol. 1 & 2 Reviewed

Sister C are a country music trio made up of sisters, I first saw these girls a few years back on The X Factor US, although they made it through a fair few rounds, they didn’t make it to the final. Recently I stumbled upon their first EP and immediately started listening. I loved seeing them each week before and was super excited to hear some of their own material. This year they have released 2 EPs, so I decided to review both to see how they have grown/improved since their X Factor days.

Demo Sessions, Vol. 1

The first EP opens up with fast paced song called ‘This Bar Ain’t Big Enough’, it’s a song about a typical break up, in a small town, where it is very likely you will come face to face with your ex. This is an extremely relatable song for most, as the 3 girls sing about staying on separate sides of the bars while drinking as much as you can to pretend all is ok, even when your friends know you’re not. Sister C vocalise all the thoughts that inevitably run through your head along with all the questions like ‘Are we gonna act like, nothing ever happened… Like it ain’t killin me seein you laughin’. This is a perfect song to introduce the sound of Sister C in the opening of the EP.

Next up is ‘Even a Broken Heart Beats’, this song coincides with the ongoing question of should I choose my head or my heart. The song starts with a lazy (in a good way) beat as the sisters sing about how they need their hearts to not do anything stupid, when It comes to relationships, because it means they’ll all go down… ‘If you fall I go down with you, when you long for him I do too’. The tune picks up as the lyrics start to, explaining that even if a heart breaks, it’ll never give up. Many people will feel low and sad after experiencing heartbreak and this is a great song to lift spirits and remind you that no matter what, you have to keep going.
‘Take Me to The Water’ follows, with an upbeat tempo and a fitting country vibe, this fun song takes you away to a sunny, serene place where you can forget about worries. The title says it all with this record, it is about getting away, having a whiskey and relaxing. This light-hearted tune gives a nice quick break to the more downhearted songs previously.

Next up is ‘Cry Tomorrow’; this song opens up with a beautiful but short instrumental, the sound sets up the tone for the whole song. The sad tune coincides with the melancholy lyrics; this is a song about having to deal with the boring day to day things in life that take up too much time, whilst struggling with heartache, hence the beginning of the chorus… ‘I’ll Cry Tomorrow’ because there isn’t enough time to fit it all in. This song is a very relatable heartbreak song that I feel many people would find common ground with.

‘Faint of heart’ is one of my favourites; it’s a proper girl power type of record which shows off Sister C’s strong female country side. It has a continual guitar throughout that plays a very country sound. This record tells a story about how girls do not get enough credit in life, unlike men. Although it is a record with a great and meaningful message, it also has a light-hearted feel along with the line… ‘In the end we’ll outlive ‘em by 15 years and still have all our hair’. The subject of the song has many similarities to Kacey Musgraves popular hit ‘Follow Your Arrow’, so if you’re a fan of Kacey’s – this one is for you!

Demo Sessions, Vol. 2

The second EP begins with ‘Chainsmoker’, As like fellow country artist Miranda Lambert does in her hit ‘Me and Your Cigarettes’, Sister see liken a relationship/person to smoking, whiskey and cigarettes can often be highly associated with the Country, so the play on words used, like…’ I’m a chainsmoker and baby you’re my cigarette’ is a great way to combine the country style into the lyrics. The upbeat tempo and periodic use of banjos give this song a kick that makes you want to dance around and sing along to, not to mention it again is very relatable.

‘Cinderella’ is one of my favourites from Sister C, if not my ultimate favourite. The play on words using references from the fairy tale Cinderella are so clever and well written, it is hard not to love the song for those phrases alone. The song takes the smartest and coolest turn when the trio intertwine the songA Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ from the popular fairy tale, whilst they sing the lyrics, the music slows down and plays an angelic, fantasy type sound to accompany it which makes the reference that much more perfect. The realistic view on love is shown through the lyrics of this song, to show that love is not always the perfect fairy tale.

Next up is ‘If I Were You’, this record has an old school beat to it, with slightly dark undertones which match up perfectly to the lyrics. This is perfect for those who are in love with someone who is with someone else. It has a subtle crazy side to it, which let’s be honest, most people have in situations like this. I love to sing along to this and I imagine it is very relatable for many girls or guys who have ever found themselves feeling this way.

One of the most country style tracks on both EPs combined is ‘Willie Nelson & My Dog’, the opening beat sets the tone for this sassy tune about rather going home to your music and your dog, instead of hearing chat up lines from a stranger in a bar. The way the girls drop in random pickup lines throughout the song gives it a feisty feel that many girls will find hard not to dance and sing along to.

‘Drinkin bout you’ is another well written song with a great play on words, the title is a prime example of this. It’s common knowledge that some may turn to a whiskey or 2 after having their heart broken, especially if you cannot stop thinking about that person, this tune accompanies that situation perfectly! Again, another highly relatable song. The record sticks to the country theme of great story telling and I would highly recommend this song.

Closing the second EP is ‘Take me home’, this sweet song is a great way to round off the record. The country tones and story take you back to a simpler time I’m sure we’ve all had. I feel like this could have a double meaning as there is mention of going home to meet your loves family, however when everyone has busy lives, particularly when you’re making music, going home to what you know and your own family comfort also comes through in these lyrics.

One song that did not appear on the EP’s but is worth a mention is ‘Once Upon A Time’, this is a really emotional song with a sad story behind it, accompanied by a slow but sweet melody, I highly recommend taking a listen over on their blue room sessions found on YouTube, along with many other songs written by Sister C.

Track Listing

Demo Sessions, Vol. 11457412346312

  1. This Bar Ain’t Big Enough
  2. Ever a Broken Heart Beats
  3. Take Me to The Water
  4. Cry Tomorrow
  5. Faint of Heart



Demo Sessions, Vol. 2CqOexIvW8AA3jBQ

  1. Chainsmoker
  2. Cinderella
  3. If I Were You
  4. Willie Nelson & My Dog
  5. Drinkin Bout You
  6. Take Me Home



Sister C are a breath of fresh air, the release of 2 EPs in one year was a great idea as it gave us more of a taste of how the will fit into the country music scene. The girls have a flair for telling stories through their song writing with their modern day take on country music, with a few classic sounds thrown in for good measure. From turning old school Fairy tales into realistic love stories with ‘Cinderella’, to showing us their country roots with songs like ‘Take Me to the Water’ and ‘Willie Nelson & My Dog’, the sisters have shown a versatile, yet extremely relatable side with their music. I cannot wait to see what is next for this group and I hope they can tour the UK very soon.

Recommended Tracks

Cinderella, Faint of Heart, Chainsmoker, Drinkin Bout You

Six Shooter Rating

9 out of 10


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