Seth Ennis live @ Bush Hall, London 07/10/2017 Reviewed

As a part of the fantastic Country Music Week, Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree invited four amazing young country artists last Saturday to perform in London’s Bush Hall, one of which was Seth Ennis. Directly from the spectacular Little Big Town’s UK tour, which saw him gain a large number of fans, Seth Ennis finished his trip across the sea with a bang.

The Georgia-native started off with one of his newest songs, Buzz, which will be featured on his upcoming record. Despite the Bush Hall being a seated venue, this energetic song immediate got everybody on their feet. After a fantastic performance at the Royal Albert Hall earlier in the week, Ennis was still clearly in high spirits and kept interacting with the crowd and showing off his guitar skill.

Seth and his band continued with one of the crowds’ favourite, Fast Girl. Singing without his guitar, Ennis managed to pick a few fans from the crowd and sing to them, yet still being able to keep everybody else on their feet with great stage presence. Fast Girl is one of Ennis’ more soulful pop songs and was an easy-along to top off everybody’s Saturday night.

As things progressed to slow down, the band left Seth alone for a cover of Our Town he wrote for Tyler Farr. This song was introduced on stage as tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting as Our Town was originally penned for victims of such tragedies. This beautiful song was led by Ennis’ fine guitar picking and left the crowd in silence for the first time since he stepped on stage. The same atmosphere continued during one of the more popular songs from Seth’s EP, Mabelle, the piano-led Think and Drive.

The new single, Look At You, seemed to have made quite an impression on the London crowd as there were number of people who came to see specifically Seth after his tour with Little Big Town, and especially Look At You was one of the loudest tunes of the night. This Sum Hunt style song has a lot of pop influence and suits well with Ennis’ vocals. With him leaving the instruments behind, Seth picked up a drink and decided it was time to celebrate his last UK show.

To finish off the night, the crowd has never been louder when Seth announced that he will play the song that “changed his life”. Of course, there was not a single person not singing along to Woke Up In Nashville, a song that kick-started his career and proved to be a successful hit on the radio. Not only he played the guitar and piano during this show, he finished Woke Up In Nashville by playing drums.

At the end of the night, Seth returned to stage to wrap up this exciting Under The Apple Tree session with a brand new song he wrote only a few weeks ago, Call Your Mama. A song he wrote after his mum kept texting him “call your mama, call your mama”. While introducing the song, he admitted that his mum is a lot to handle because when he calls, his mum speaks for two hours straight but he no longer has two spare hours to speak to her. So, this beauty of a song was written as a tribute to her. And it is definitely one to keep an eye out for once the CD is out.

Set List

1. Buzz
2. Fast Girl
3. Our Town
4. Think and Drive
5. Look At You
6. Woke Up In Nashville
7. Call Your Mama

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