Carly Pearce – Every Little Thing: Another Big Machine star in the making debuts an impressive LP.

Carly Pearce is set to rise to stardom following the release of her debut album ‘Every Little Thing’. The singer grew up performing at Dollywood, so country music has always been in her veins. In 2016 she featured on the song ‘Wasn’t That Drunk’ with the Josh Abbott Band and toured with them. Carly gained a following and later released her own album which we finally got to hear…

The album starts off with ‘Hide the Wine’, the funky intro will have you hooked instantly, and Pearce’s unique vocals kick in as she sings about an old flame coming back to town. The idea that a romantic setting and wine could stir up a whole lot of emotion is something I’m sure many fans will relate to! The laid back tune gives off the perfect vibe for a song like this.

Next up is ‘Careless’, there is a great play on words in this post break up song, the chorus begins with the lyrics ‘You were careless with my heart’ and ends with the words ‘Baby, I could care less’. This song is like the breath of fresh air that you breathe after finally realising someone is no good. The build up to the chorus makes it that much better as the upbeat tempo creates an ideal atmosphere for this tune, before calming down again for the verses. I Think this would be one of the most well written and exciting songs from the album.

Following is Carly’s debut single and album title ‘Every Little Thing’, after releasing this song, I believe everyone was excited to see what else was to come from the singer. One of her specialities is quite clearly writing great, yet heart-breaking songs, which works perfectly for country music. The simple tune and light guitar help to highlight her angelic vocals which means we’re encouraged to listen more to the lyrics that make this song so good.

Next is ‘Everybody Gonna Talk’, this is one of the more upbeat songs on the album and it is full of country sounds, we get some Carrie Underwood vibes from this tune, which can never be a bad thing. Another common thing in country is people minding their own business and this song basically says screw them all, if people are going to talk, let’s give them a show! We must admit it’s a pretty catchy tune that is likely to get you moving.

Keeping full country, we lead into ‘Catch Fire’, this is a sassy and flirty song with a great beat. It sounds very different to the rest of album so far, especially when it comes to the lyrics, it’s nice to hear this side of Miss Pearce as we get to see how versatile she can actually be. This is the perfect song to turn right up if you’re getting ready to head out on the town.

Following is easily one of my favourites and it is called ‘If My Name Was Whiskey’. The lyrics for this song are not only brilliant, it has also been written in such a clever way considering what this song is about. Although there is a great build up to the chorus with the music, I think the lyrics take priority in this song! Carly sings about how her old love interest now chooses whiskey over her, the line ‘If my name was whiskey, maybe right now you’d miss me’, sums this song up in a great way. This song showcases Pearce’s singing and song writing talents perfectly.

Next up is ‘Color’, this is a love song about how sometimes you just fit perfectly with your other half, even If you’re a little sceptical at first. There’s a steady beat throughout and the tune will have you humming or even singing along by the second chorus as it is rather catchy.

As many country singers do, Carly Pearce sings ‘I need a Ride Home’ about wanting to escape the hectic & lonely life and go back to their childhood home. This is quite clearly a nostalgic tune that is likely to give the singer some comfort when things get crazy, which can also be relatable for many, whether it be leaving for college or just leaving home, we can all find a little relief when hearing this tune.

Following is ‘Doin’ It Right’, in this song, Carly sings about a love that does not know how to treat her properly. This will be one of the most relatable songs out there for all the guys and girls stuck in a similar situation, it seems the only thing he can do right is all the wrong things. I believe this could have easily been made into a slow, sad song, however instead it is more of an empowering tune to say sort it out, or I’m gone. I think fans will love this song.

Next up is ‘Feeling Somethin’, this is about a love that seems to be fizzling out because no one is trying anymore. Previous to the release of the album, we only really got a taster of the slower songs and although some of the lyrics may not be the happiest and most uplifting as she sings about real life struggles, we always get a great melody to go along with the lyrics and this song is proof of that.

‘You Know Where to Find Me’ follows, this has one of prettiest sounding choruses as we hear different sides to Carly’s voice. We all have that one person who knows how to lift us up and this song will instantly remind you of them. This is one of those songs to turn on if you’re having a bad day.

Next up is ‘Honeysuckle’, this song you can just picture at the end of a romantic, coming of age movie. The whole vibe of the song gives off a great uplifting feeling that’ll put a smile on your face. This is one that needs to be played full blast when driving around, with the windows down.

Rounding off the album is ‘Dare Ya’, this is another flirty song about the beginning of a new flame. Carly perfectly puts in the words that exact feeling that we all get when you meet someone you like. Her voice is almost angelic which adds to the atmosphere that surrounds a scene just like the one she is singing about.

Track Listing

1. Hide The Wine
2. Careless
3. Every Little Thing
4. Everybody Gonna Talk
5. Catch Fire
6. If My Name Was Whiskey
7. Color
8. I Need a Ride Home
9. Doin’ It Right
10. Feel Somethin’
11. You Know Where To Find Me
12. Honeysuckle
13. Dare Ya


The wait for this album may have been long but it was everything I wanted it to be! We get to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as we hear about love, lust, break up’s and home towns. It is clear that Carly Pearce is a great songwriter, especially for country music, I love that she is not afraid to write the truth even when others may not want to admit things. There is a perfect combination of heart-breaking and upbeat songs which shows that this album pretty much will have something for everyone. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, I strongly advise you not to wait any longer! This album has well and truly put Carly on the country music map!

Recommended Tracks

If My Name Was Whiskey, Hide the Wine, Honeysuckle

Six Shooter Rating

8 out of 10

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