Sarah Darling Interview: Before Her UK Tour We Chat About the UK Being a Second Home, New Music and The Effect of C2C!

Sarah Darling Interview: Before Country2Country and Her Headline UK Tour, We Talk ‘Wonderland’, Eating Curry and More!

As the UK country music scene has grown, Sarah Darling has grown with it. This year will be her fourth appearance at Country2Country in London, and she’ll follow it up with an extensive UK tour. It’s fair to say she’s made the UK her second home and the fans have taken her in as one of our own. With a new album, ‘Wonderland’, in the works we chatted to Sarah before she heads over for her tour.

Sarah Darling Interview

Hi Sarah, you’re about to return to the UK in March for another tour, how excited are you for that?

I’m absolutely thrilled! There’s a lot of excitement around my project ‘Wonderland’ with it being recorded in the UK. It’s a really personal experience to play these songs in the place I created them.

You’ve been over a few times now, playing festivals and your own tours, what keeps bringing you back?

The audiences are so full of love here in the UK. Every time I go back to Nashville, I already start planning my next trip back. The love and support the fans show, fill’s my heart to its fullest!

Is the UK starting to feel like a second home for you now?

It is actually! I’m even getting a strange accent… It’s incredible to have the opportunity to make the UK my second home. I’ll remember all the time I’ve spent here forever, and all the tea I’ve drank!

This tour sees you visiting a few new places, including my hometown of Leeds, is the adventure and discovery aspect of touring something that you really enjoy?

My favorite part of touring a new city is the adventure of exploring the place and learning something new I didn’t know about it before. I’m never in a bus or hotel room, I like to take a place in completely.

Does it feel different playing for a crowd in the UK as opposed to back home?

Absolutely different yes. I think there’s an appreciation for my music in the UK that compares to none. I also think there’s a genuine excitement for country music happening across the pond. I’m happy to be riding the wave.

You’ve recently found out that pledge music have stopped funding for new projects, delaying your next album ‘Wonderland’. That must be frustrating?

It is frustrating, but I learnt early on in my career that you can always turn the negatives into positives. There are better opportunities that have come around already since this and I’m turning lemons into lemonade.

Have you got any other plans to release music in the meantime?

I do! There’s a little special something I have with me on tour. That’s all I’m going to say.

Hopefully we’ll all get to hear some new songs on the tour though?

You will hear mostly all new songs with the full band! I want my listeners to be able to hear the album versions. I want it to feel like fans are coming on a road trip with me.

You’ll also be playing C2C whilst you’re over here. How much do you enjoy that festival? You’ve played before of course!

It’s changed my life and given me a huge platform in the UK! This year is my fourth year playing the festival, and I’m always blown away every time I get to be part of it.

Is it strange being at such a hub of country music in the middle of London, a long way from Nashville?

I love it! It makes me realize how wide the net of the country music genre is. It’s for the world.

How much have you enjoyed being a part of the rise in popularity of country over here?

It’s so lovely being a part of that wave. It means that we can all grow the genre together, with the fans. It’s another reason why I can’t stay away!

As a regular visitor to the UK, do you have any favourite things to do/eat/drink whilst you’re over here?

I’m a curry lover now! Also, chocolate is just so much better across the pond.

Sarah hits the road in the UK this March. Find out more here!

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