Top New Country Music Releases This Week – 22/04/2019

Here are some of our top new releases for the week of 22/04/2019…

Tenille Townes – I Kept The Roses

A vintage sound on a classic, but at the same time contemporary, breakup song produced by Jay Joyce. “You weren’t the one, babe | But you were the closest | I let the rest of us go | But I kept the roses”. Wonderful writing from Dustin Christensen and Chris Gelbuda. Townes has just been added to the line-up for this year’s Long Road festival.

Rachel Reinert – All We Have

Nice slice of West Coast country pop from the former Gloriana singer. The lyrics deal with the shedding of all the temporary material things in life to focus on what really makes us who we are. It’s very nicely put together, very catchy. 

Bruce Springsteen – Hello Sunshine

Bit of a surprise, this one. Shades of 60’s Harry Nilsson and Glen Campbell on this drop from The Boss, with a strong West Coast  feel that you wouldn’t normally associate with him. This is the lead-off track from a forthcoming new album, “Western Stars”. Definitely a grower.

Dustin Huff – She’s A Little More Downtown

There’s something of Luke Combs in this tale of a mis-matched love affair. “Somethings don’t fit quite right | Like a palm tree in a red rock desert | Or a honky tonk wihout a neon light”. It’s a cool, acoustic recording and the stripped back sound really suits both the song and the singer.

Muscadine Bloodline – Girl From Mississippi

Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton are Muscadine Bloodline, a duo from Mobile, Alabama. The keep the arrangement quite sparse and open on a song that finds them talking about all the things they miss when they’re on the road.  “Sometimes it’s Alabama, good friends and family | Sometimes it’s chasing country songs up there in Tennessee | Sometimes it’s a mix of everything | But it’s mostly just a girl from Mississippi”. I wonder who she is….?

Matt Williams – Rain Down Sunshine

Williams is a decorated US Army veteran from Michigan. Whatever he’s lived through in the military, he’s having a determinedly good time here on this up-tempo song about making the best of what you have and enjoying life to the full. He carries the listener along for the ride with his energy and personality.

Granger Smith – Heaven Bound Balloons

Granger Smith is the man behind the character of Earl Dibbles Jr, (if you don’t know, look him up on YouTube) and is probably mostly known for that fun side to his nature. He’s also a straight musician, as this track demonstrates. It’s a classic country song about missing the loved ones in your life who’ve died, and it’s based around his children’s idea that you can send a message to heaven by writing it on a balloon. You just might need a tissue handy for this one.

Maddie & Tae – New Dog Old Tricks

Want to take down the guy who’s trying to pick you up, thinking he’s on to a sure thing? Well, here’s how you do it – and the girls take no prisoners and spare no feelings.


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