Top New Country Music Releases This Week – 06/05/2019

Here are some of our top new releases for the week of 06/05/2019…


Luke Combs – Beer Never Broke My Heart

A song he’s been playing live for a while, and now he’s gotten around to recording it. Made for playing LOUD, with a pounding relentless beat and a rocking guitar riff. “It takes one hand to count the things I can count on”, says Luke – there’ll be a cold one in that hand, right?

Vince Gill – A Letter To My Momma

If this sounds a little like an old song, that’s maybe because it was written “many years ago”. It also has a very 90’s feel to it; a simple guitar, piano, bass and brushes arrangement, with Vince dropping a little Dobro into the instrumental section. There’s a new album expected from Vince later this year.

Logan Mize – Thinking About You

Another track taken “From The Vault”, this one has a bit of an old school vibe to it. Choppy guitar, tambourine, double-tracked vocal and just an overall retro feel to this up-tempo love song. The “From The Vault” EP is slated for release on 17th May.

Kenton Bryant – Way Back

Kentucky native Bryant co-wrote this song with William Michael Morgan. There’s more than a touch of Luke Combs in his delivery as he sings, “There ain’t a high school fling that burns as hot as we can | There ain’t two of a kind that wins every time like we can”. But it’s not a love song – at least not in the traditional sense. Have a listen, see for yourself.

Colt Ford – We The People

Billed as a song to address the current political and social divisions, the title could more accurately be “We Are The People”. The basic premise being, if you want to party, if you want to let your hair down and forget about what divides, then “we are the people” to do that with. Get it? I think plenty of people will.

Shylo Sharity – Summer Of You

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Sharity could be heading for a breakout with this guitar heavy, drum driven summer romance song. A perfectly timed release.

Triston Marez – Unbreak A Heartache

Triston is emerging on the Texas country scene, and influences like Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson are quite clear. This is his latest release, a getting-over-a-breakup song  where he’s “Gonna drink a whole week’s pay | Gonna dance the night away | And unbreak a heartache tonight”. Sounds like fun.

Austin Jenckes – Never Forget

Taken from his soon-to-be-released debut album “If You Grew Up Like I Did”, this track is Austin’s tribute to his wife Brittany. It’s a great platform for Jenckes’ soulful voice, and is accompanied by a video constructed from home movie clips from from the pair’s wedding.

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