Kip Moore Interview: The Guitar Man Speaks on His First Ever Headline UK Acoustic Tour!

We Interview Kip Moore Before He Hits the Stage for an Acoustic Show in Birmingham

Kip Moore has recently been wowing audiences with his first fully acoustic tour, no big shows, no big guitar riffs, just him and his band stripped right back to what we love, the lyrics and the music.

Our writer Sally had the chance to catch up with him before he went on stage in Birmingham, with just a small amount of time to chat to the busy man here goes the Quick-fire round with Kip!

Kip Moore Interview

We’ve just been given a short slot, so we thought we’d do a quick-fire question round, that ok?

Sounds good to me!

Burger or pizza?


Cats or dogs?


Favourite U.K food?

None of the above, I’ve got to come teach y’all how to cook over here. I’ve enjoyed the Indian restaurants the most. Indian food has been my favourite.

Kip Moore InterviewSo what do you cook?

I cook a lot of stir fry’s in my house, I love fish, and I cook a lot of breakfast. A lot of different American dishes. (Kip did reveal during the show that he has a hatred for baked beans as part of breakfast! He said he just doesn’t get it!)

What’s your favourite food to eat when you’re on tour?

I like finding a really good Thai spot.

Do you prefer playing stadiums or honky tonks?

If you play one of too much, then you’re ready for the other. I don’t really prefer one over the other.

First gig you went to?

The Allman Brothers Band was my first concert I went to ever, I was 15 years old, and it was amazing.

First album you bought?

The first one I ever bought was Bob Seger in The Silver Bullet Band ‘Greatest Hits’.

Whiskey or beer?


Boobs or bum?


Favourite song to perform?

Guitar Man

Cars of motorbikes?


U.K fans or U.S fans?


Blondes, brunettes or redheads?

I love all colours of the rainbow!

Acoustic or full band?

It’s one the same for me, like stadiums or honky tonks; once I’ve done a lot of one thing I’m ready to do the other. I enjoy both of them, they both bring me joy. This is the first time I’ve done a full blown acoustic tour, I’ve done acoustic shows throughout my career, but this is the first tour.

 Kip Moore Interview

Coffee or tea?


Beach or mountain?

Mountains, they’re both incredible. Surfing is my favourite thing to do, but there is something that the mountains do for me that nothing else can do.

U.S or U.K chocolate?

If it has to deal with food then I have to go with U.S all day long! Your food is just pretty bland!

But you do love coming over here right? Despite our bland food?

I do love coming over here, the fans are incredible, such a cerebral audience which I love. This is such an amazing place to play an acoustic show, this is definitely the place to do it, and I’ve had a lot of nights on stage when I just feel so grateful. I’ve dreamt all this stuff up, but to have it come to fruition and for crowds across the pond to know all my music it’s just truly a blessing. And as long as people continue to show up, I’ll continue to come. I’ll always keep coming.

Do you get something from the U.K fans that you don’t get in the U.S?

People are different all over the world, people are different from county line to county line, there are special crowds all over the world, some are rowdy, and some are super cerebral. I just love how the U.K fans are truly searching for substance at all times. That’s what I love.

Day or Night?


What’s your go to karaoke track?

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve signed?

A sock

Really? That is weird! You mean someone took it off for you to sign it?

Yep, it’s strange, very strange. I’ve signed a lot of strange things, a sock is just the first thing that comes to mind. I get a lot of odd requests to sign things, and things thrown at me. All sorts of odd things, you name it, it’s been thrown at me!

Tell me about where the inspiration came for ‘Hey Pretty Girl’?

It was from watching my guitar player Dave Lapsey, watching him change as a man once he got married and expecting a child. I watched the whole process from him expecting the child, trying to get his ducks in a row, to having the child, watching him facetime every night with his wife and kids. And just watching how that changed him, because I had only known him for so long before all of that. That’s how the song was written, it was written as me watching the two of them and how much happiness it brought the two of them.

Thanks for giving us the time to chat today!

No problem.


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