Top New Country Music Releases This Week – 05/08/2019

Here are some of the top new releases for the week of 05/08/2019.

All of this week’s new tracks are also on our New Release Round-up playlist on Spotify, along with every other song we’ve included in this feature during the year so far. The playlist is at the bottom of the page – if you’re a Spotify user, give it a follow!

Kip Moore – She’s Mine

Kip’s had this song around for a while before finally deciding how to get the sound and feel “right” in the studio, so it’s now the lead-off to his forthcoming, eagerly awaited 4th studio album.  It’s a hopeful song about looking for love, not knowing who or where she, “the one”, might be – but she’s out there somewhere. Kip keeps the rock right square in his country, just the way his fans love it.


Lady Antebellum – Pictures

“What you see isn’t always what you get” is the moral behind this new track from Hilary, Charles and Dave. The lyric, telling the hidden story of a relationship that looks all good on the outside, is totally at odds with the easy going melody and the sunny arrangement, as if to emphasis the point. “The camera doesn’t show the way it hurt | No, that ain’t the way I remember it happening | In between the flashes it was sad, it was tragic | Yeah, we sure looked happy in pictures”.


Miranda Lambert – Mess With My Head

There’s a lot of production going on this, the third track dropped from Miranda’s upcoming new album. Heavy drums and bass, lots of guitar echo, keyboard stabs and an all over dark tone with lyrics that point to a relationship that’s unlikely to have a happy ending – “You treat my mind like a hotel room | And I know why I gave the keys to you…. If it ain’t love then I like it better than before”


Vince Gill – A World Without Haggard

When Merle Haggard passed away in 2016, Vince Gill was prompted to write this song in tribute to the man he cited as his greatest inspiration. It’s taken Vince until now to lay down a recording. Gill’s aching high tenor voice perfectly expresses the sense of loss, respect and gratitude for the life and career of the Country music legend.


Chris Knight – I’m William Callahan

Kentucky’s Chris Knight’s new album “Almost Daylight” will be out in October, this is the lead-off track from it. It’s the story of an older man looking back on his younger days riding rails, meeting his wife, making money and storing up plenty of memories along the way . Mandolin and harmonica blend with bass, drums and guitar in the blues-rock arrangement.


Austin English ft Sarah Hobbs – Heartache In A Small Town

Texan was raised on the likes of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Eagles and you’ll hear all that and more in this song about, well, heartache in a small town. Austin & Sarah’s voices blend perfectly over an infectious country rock track.


Kevin Costner & Modern West – The Killer (feat Jaida Dreyer)

Everyone knows Kevin Costner the movie star. Not so many know Kevin Costner the country singer, but he and his band Modern West have been around for over 10 years now. This haunting song is taken from series 2 of the TV series “Yellowstone”, which Costner stars in (and also features Ryan Bingham), a modern day western drama set in Montana ranch country. Dreyer takes the lead vocal on a track that keeps the arrangement sparse and the atmosphere intense.


Here’s our New Release Round-up 2019 playlist – enjoy!


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