Top New Country Music Releases – 10/01/2020

Here are some of the top new releases for the week of 10/01/2020.

All of this week’s new tracks are also on our New Release Round-up playlist on Spotify, along with every other song we’ve included in this feature during the year so far. And as it’s a new year, it’s also a new playlist! There’s a link to the playlist at the bottom of the page – if you’re a Spotify user, give it a follow so you can keep up to date!

The Cadillac Three ft. Chris Janson & Travis Tritt – Hard Out Here For A Country Boy

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek shout-out for the hard life of a redneck – “Liftin’ this koozie’s got my arm tired | Sweatin’ and gettin’ this ol’ boy wired”. Chris Janson guests on a verse, and Travis Tritt is all over the sing-a-long chorus. Classic TC3 stadium country rock, don’t be surprised if we hear this echoing around the arenas at this year’s Country 2 Country festival.


Brandy Clark – Who You Thought I Was

The talents of the Memphis Strings and Horns give a real evocative feel to this shuffling break-up song with a bit of an upswing. Brandy’s new album Your Life Is A Record, produced by Jay Joyce, is due to drop on March 6th.


The Panhandlers – No Handle

The Texas supergroup are straight out of the traps with this first number from their debut album, to be released in March. All the principals – Josh Abbot, John Baumann, Cleto Cordero and William Clark Green – take their shot at lead vocals on this track that describes the extreme existence in the Texas Panhandle – the “cauldron hot” summer, the “cruel bitch” of winter are only the start.


A Thousand Horses – Drinking Song

Co-written by, amongst others, Corey Crowder and Kendell Marvell, this track is exactly what it says it is. Apparently, A Thousand Horses songs are difficult to find in karaoke. Well, this one has a pitch, a pace and a rhythm to become a slam dunk sing-a-long favourite. 


Little Big Town – Nightfall

The title track to the new album, due for release next week (January 17th). It’s everything you would expect from LBT, though it’s maybe not as strong a song as, say, Over Drinking or Sugar Coat that have already been released ahead of the album.


Morgan Wallen – This Bar

 A nostalgic track looking back over good times and growing up. “Got whiskey bent on whiskey sours | Ran my mouth to an out of towner | Learned a big lesson when I met the bouncer”. 


Curtis Grimes – River Road Dream

 The Texas singer-songwriter brings this tale of a boy and a girl starting out life together. It’s a traditional tale told in a classic 90’s country style.


Joey Greer – Two Steps Away

Taken from Greer’s debut album Frontier, this track tells of Joey’s woman and her love of music and dancing. It mixes country fiddle and pedal steel with a rock guitar and rhythm in a true Texas style. 



Here’s our New Release Round-up 2020 playlist – enjoy!


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