Backwoods Creek New Single – Coulda Been You – Reviewed!

Backwoods Creek – Coulda Been You – Reviewed

Backwoods Creek - Could Been You

Country rockers Backwoods Creek get their 2020 underway on the front foot with the release of their new single, Coulda Been You.

A song that will be familiar with fans of the band from their live sets, where the track has always gone down well, the 5 piece have finally found the time in their busy touring schedule to get this one down in the studio.

Backwoods Creek - Coulda Been YouOf the song, lead singer Jamie Wood says, “The track is a different take on a breakup – rather than going down the normal heartbreak/ I miss you vibe, it takes on a more sassy, “I’m better off without you and trying to make you jealous” vibe – thus “it coulda been you”.  It’s a bit of a departure from our previous releases musically speaking, kinda carrying on down the Keep Off The Grass route more than Don’t Take Much – definitely rockier with more guitars!”

That sassy thing is there right from the off with a playful, almost cheeky guitar riff opening before Jamie sets the stall out in the verse – “You’re probably at home just wondrin’ how I’m doing |  Well girl you know I’m doin’ just fine | It’s only been a week but I’m back on my feet | I ain’t the type to waste any time”. From there, it’s all about how life will be different with his new squeeze, how she’ll get flowers and chocolates “without any reason” and how it “coulda been you, but it wasn’t”. The chorus is driven hard by a pounding drum beat that serves to force things home – think along a “Tough luck, you made your choice, you missed out” line. The band even find the room to break it down into a lilting, reggae-rhythm bridge ahead of a twist in the tale.

Backwoods Creek - Coulda Been YouListening to the song, you totally get why Coulda Been You goes down a storm when played live and this studio recording does a great job of capturing that energy. As a whole, it’s a track that works really well and you can tell they’ve put the thought and effort into it. 

2020 is set to be a big year for Backwoods Creek, and this track certainly gets things rolling. It’s released on Friday 31st January, but you can pre-order/save Coulda Been You here ->

Keep your eyes – and ears! – open for the boys at festivals throughout the year, and look out for their own live dates too.


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