Top New Country Music Releases – 31/01/2020

Here are some of the top new releases for the week of 31/01/2020.

All of this week’s new tracks are also on our New Release Round-up playlist on Spotify, along with every other song we’ve included in this feature during the year so far. And as it’s a new year, it’s also a new playlist! There’s a link to the playlist at the bottom of the page – if you’re a Spotify user, give it a follow so you can keep up to date!

William Michael Morgan – Whiskey Kinda Night

William Michael Morgan spent some of 2019 touring the US with Alan Jackson, where this breakup/heartbreak song would have gone down a storm. Captures that regretful mood perfectly, with gentle strings, quiet pedal steel and a little mandolin setting the atmosphere. Looking forward to hearing more from WMM in 2020.


Brandy Clark – I’ll Be The Sad Song

Great lyric from Brandy, equating life as an album – complete with happy parts, sad parts, fast and slow, loud and quiet, all the contrasts – and winds up with “I’ll be your sad song, your what we almost had song | Your mighta been that wasn’t meant to be | Couldn’t be your happy song but at least we had a song”. Orchestral strings, Bacharach-style wind and brass sections, rainsticks(!) and plucked guitar make for a poignant mix.  


Hot Country Knights – Asphalt

It would spoil the joke to type any lines out here but I assure you, once you hear the puns in this cheeky lyric you can’t un-hear them. No buts.


Reckless Kelly – I Only See You With My Eyes Closed

It’s 4 years since their last album, Sunset Motel, and Reckless Kelly will be back with a bang in 2020 with the simultaneous release of 2 albums in May. This is the first track from the American Girls album, and it has a suitably slightly dreamy feel for a song dealing with a departed lover. The “other” album up for release is titled American Jackpot – keep an eye open for them in the Spring.


Read Southall Band – Stickin’ N Movin’

A pulsing rhythm and an insistent guitar riff drive this track from Oklahoma’s Read Southall Band.


Desure – Spillin’ Guts (Stripped For Your Pleasure)

Originally released on his self-titled EP, this re-recorded version of Spillin’ Guts isn’t exactly in the “unplugged” vein but it is a more rootsy, organic affair that perhaps fits the lyric a little better. 


Here’s our New Release Round-up 2020 playlist – enjoy!


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