Top New Country Music Releases – 27/11/2020

Here’s our pick of the top new Country and Americana releases for the week of 27/11/2020.

All of this week’s new tracks are also on our New Release Round-up 2020 playlist on Spotify, along with every other song we’ve included in this feature during the year so far. If you’re a Spotify user, give it a follow so you can keep up to date!


Cody Johnson – Whoever’s in New England

The stadium-selling Texan behemoth Cody Johnson returns this week with a tender acoustic cover of Reba’s Whoever’s in New England. The simple arrangement leaves plenty of space to expose Cody’s beautiful vocals, showing that simplicity can be so effective. It’s part of a two song release, alongside a reimagined version of Cody’s Dear Rodeo, a song that features Reba herself on joint vocals.

Aaron Watson – Touchdown Town

You can’t help but smile when country music’s Mr Nice Guy, Aaron Watson releases new music. Touchdown Town is another all-American,  toe-tapper from the songwriter. Aaron seems to be channeling a slightly more contemporary sound for his upcoming release American Soul, and this song is the perfect tonic to a torrid year. It’s classic Watson at his best, one of the most underrated artists in the genre? Our review of last year’s Red Bandana suggests different!

Justin Bryan – Ever Since You

23 year-old songwriter Justin Bryan hails from Ohio and released his debut EP on July 1st this year, a tough time to release debut music. Ever Since You feels heavily Aldean-influenced, big guitars and an almost carbon copy voice. Definitely one for fans of Aldean, Church et al, I expect to hear a lot more about this guy in the future.

Tyler Braden – Pretty Paper

Another relative newcomer, this one from the town of Slapout (you read that right, Slapout!), Alabama. Tyler Braden will be hoping this pretty tune helps him take his career to the next level. A much more subtle attempt at a Christmas song, Braden’s voice has hint of classic Irish folk singers. Led by a simple arrangement, it’s a nice one for a winter’s night by the fire.

Bruce Springsteen – Power of Prayer

Incase you didn’t know, we love the new record from The Boss, Letter to YouThe latest release, Power of Prayer, is one of several powerful tracks on the record and whisks you away to better days. An ode to the things in life that make the struggles all worthwhile, it’ll give you goosebumps. Listen along with the lyric video and soak in every cathartic word Bruce has to offer.

Tim & the Glory Boys – Right Back Atcha

Self-described as a Canadian gang of backwoods hillbillies with world-class facial hair and infectious on-stage energy – and we find it hard to argue with that. Right Back Atcha is a bluegrass fuelled romp that also brings in some of the more catchy elements of modern country. Another cracker from Canada!

Granger Smith – Anything Like Me

Today sees the release of Granger’s Country Things Vol. 2 and we’ve taken Anything Like Me from the record. A country song in the classic theme of dirt roads and whiskey, where Granger explains having the little things in life makes it all worthwhile. A popular member of the country music community, this latest collection of songs will only solidify that.

Dalton Domino – Both Feet

Equal parts raw and rollicking, Dalton Domino returns with Both Feet. Dalton is a man who has a lot of stories to tell, following battles with addiction, and says that “it’s getting close to record time again”. An in-your-face country/Americana song, it’s a great teaser for what’s likely to be in the pipeline.

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