Drake White – New Music, Powerful Words

Powerful words as Drake White releases new music

Drake White Hurts The Healing

Today (June 25) Drake White releases two brand new music tracks – Hurts the Healing and Angel Side Of You. Alongside them is a powerful YouTube video where he talks about his ongoing recovery from a haemorrhagic stroke suffered on stage in 2019 and how the music, the strength and prayers from his wife Alex and family, the Big Fire band, friends and fans have kept him going through the darkest of days.

He speaks movingly about his “near death” experience, making the decision between “climbing into a hole” and feeling sorry for himself; or choosing to keep moving forward, to be a voice for people who are struggling with whatever they are going through.

White says it was the pain and the suffering that drove his “relentless muse”, the music and the sound that helped him to heal, adding: “I want to let people know that there is hope and faith and passion, if there is one glimmer of light in the darkness, you need to keep going and keep pushing.”

And while the stroke may have affected his left side, he is clear that it didn’t steal his cognitive ability, his voice, his tenacity, or his need to keep writing songs, and it was from that time of pain that Hurts The Healing was born.

He describes writing it as “spiritual” experience, saying the words “flowed out on the page like a sunset” and that, by the time that he and his co-writers (Allison Veltz Cruz among them) had finished, they knew they had written something that may help somebody to heal.

The second new track, Angel Side Of You, symbolises the prayer and the spirituality shown by his loved ones and fans around the world as he battled through his recovery.

Both are beautifully written, poignant and strong – songs that will stay with you and come back to you whenever you need them.

They are already firm favourites on White’s regular Wednesday Night Therapy sessions – for well over a year now he and his Big Fire band have literally stoked the fire online – keeping White in touch with the world via YouTube, introducing new music, as well as playing alongside guest artists including Kip Moore, Mo Pitney and Hannah Dasher.

The fact that Hurts The Healing and Angel Side Of You are the first to drop from his upcoming full-length album promises the greatest of things to come and we can’t wait to hear more.

Link to streaming services: https://lnk.to/HurtstheHealing


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