News – ‘It’s About Time’ For Another Track From Logan Mize

Logan Mize Shares Another Peek Into Prairieville With ‘It’s About Time’ – Out Today (20/8)

Second Track From Upcoming Album Welcome To Prairieville – Out 1/10

Logan Mize It's About Time Field Shot

Logan Mize is peeling back yet another layer on the fictional town of Prairieville – the middle-of-nowhere spot that Mize and his longtime co-writer, Blake Chaffin, dreamt up as Nashville newcomers and have continued writing about for more than a decade. Serving as the backdrop for every song on Mize’s upcoming album, different aspects of Prairieville will be revealed through each track on the project – and Kansas-bred crooner is sharing a second peek into the imaginative place today (20/8) with the release of his brand-new tune, ‘It’s About Time‘.

Written solely by Mize, the reflective track finds the heartland troubadour in a moment of realisation, digging down to discover what truly matters in life and putting a clever twist on his wordplay in the process – because after all, “it’s about time / and how you spend it / and how you live it / and how you give it.”

“This was one of those songs where the first verse just kind of fell out,” Mize recalls. “We live out in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, so I was just writing while the birds were chirping, looking out over our wheat fields. It couldn’t have been a more perfect summer day, and with surroundings like that, this song just kind of poured out of me. Once I figured out the little twist on the phrase ‘it’s about time’ for the bridge, I just knew this was gonna be a good one – and now, it’s one of my favorites on this new record.”

This track follows ‘George Strait Songs‘, a “breezy ode to country roads” (CMT) and the debut offering from Mize’s upcoming album, Welcome to Prairieville (via Big Yellow Dog Music). Set to drop on October 1st 2021, the project features 11 tracks, all of which are set in “Prairieville” and not only celebrate the Mize’s rural roots, but also showcase his unique storytelling abilities that helped pave the path to his musical success from the very beginning.

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Fans can pre-order and pre-save ‘Welcome to Prairieville’ HERE and keep up with all that’s coming from Logan Mize by visiting

Logan Mize Welcome To Prairieville It's About Time‘Welcome to Prairieville’ Album Track Listing:

  1. George Strait Songs (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
  2. Welcome To Prairieville (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
  3. River Road (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Tyler Johnson)
  4. Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jason Blaine)
  5. Follow Your Heart (writers: Lynn Hutton, Logan Mize)
  6. I Need Mike (writer: Blake Chaffin)
  7. If You Get Lucky (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Daniel Agee)
  8. Tell the Truth (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
  9. We Ain’t Broke (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
  10. I Still Miss You (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jill Martin)
  11. It’s About Time (writer: Logan Mize)

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