News – Rodney Atkins & Rose Falcon Release First Single Together

Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins Combine a Life of Love and Hits with Rod + Rose

Duo’s First Single ‘Being Here, Being There’ Drops Today (20/8) Via Curb Records

Rod & Rose Being Here Being There Rodney Atkins Rose Falcon

She was a rock ’n’ roll princess who was offered a record deal at 15 and has since written songs recorded by Faith Hill, Lady A and Eric Paslay. He is an established country voice and a working man’s songwriter who’s taken six No. 1 hits to the top of the charts. Together, ROSE FALCON and RODNEY ATKINS—married since 2013—are an unstoppable force in life, love and music. And for the first time, they’ve joined creative forces in an official capacity for ROD + ROSE. The duo’s first single, Being Here, Being There, drops today (20/8) via Curb Records. The track was given an exclusive world first play on the BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris Country show yesterday.

Rod + Rose’s first offering merges Atkins’ lean lyricism with Falcon’s pure poetry to introduce a sound that’s steeped in country and roots with harmonies that intertwine his signature grit with her feminine charm. “Being Here, Being There is our way of saying, ‘for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health,’ and meaning it with every ounce of our heart and soul,” says Atkins of the selection he and Falcon penned with Phil Barton and Seth Mosley.

“This song is about being, and having, that friend who celebrates with you during the highs and isn’t afraid to get in the trenches with you during the lows,” adds Falcon. “We recently went through a year of feeling like there were way more lows than highs, and when you go through one difficult scenario after another, you begin to question everything. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you have that person you can count on to walk through life with you, it’s a game changer. When one is down, the other picks up the slack, and vice-versa. We know how lucky we are to have each other, now more than ever.”

Being Here, Being There isn’t the couple’s first collaborative effort. Rod + Rose have been singing side by side for years and share two sons: Ryder and Scout. Most recently, the duo co-wrote several tracks for Atkins’ latest album, Caught Up In The Country, whose Gold-certified title-cut, featuring The Fisk Jubilee Singers, set the record (at the time) for the longest-running single in Billboard Country Airplay history at 57 weeks.

Rod + Rose will share more new music in the months to come.

Stream or purchase Being Here, Being There HERE.

For more information, follow Rod + Rose on Instagram @rodandrose.

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