Kyle Daniel Is On His Mark To Release New Single “Runnin’ From Me”

Kyle Daniel Runnin' From Me Single Cover Art

Friday February 25th sees Kyle Daniel, Southern Rock & Country artist, return with a dynamic & melodic single “Runnin’ From Me.” 

The new song is the first to appear ahead of his long anticipated album Kentucky Gold, set to release on October 14th 2022.

Pre-order “Runnin’ From Me” HERE.

“Runnin’ From Me” comes right out of the gate with melodic, harmonizing vocals. The song features catchy blues licks that will immediately grab a listeners full attention.“Runnin’ From Me” is a song about the realization of getting wrapped up in the music industry, continuously chasing a dream, and the hard work hustle of a blue collar rockin’ country artist. 

Kyle Daniel quotes “This song for me is the most authentic song on the upcoming record Kentucky Gold. It talks about how I had to take consequences of my actions and realizing I was just running from my own insecurities.

In a way, everybody can relate to “Runnin’ From Me.” When the world paused in 2020, everybody had to take a step back and come to terms with the world. Kyle Daniel took this time to realize what he was running from and wrote a catchy song about it.

Since he first picked up a guitar as a Kentucky teenager, Kyle Daniel has done a lot of living; some of it hard, much of it rowdy, but all of it honest.

We spoke with Kyle Daniel recently about his new music, and much more! Check back with us on Friday February 25th when you can read all about it AND hear his new single “Runnin’ From Me”.

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