Single Review: Lainey Wilson – “Heart Like A Truck”

Lainey Wilson - Heart Like A Truck
Lainey Wilson’s brand new single Heart Like A Truck is out today

Lainey Wilson revs up the tempo with her hotly-anticipated new single “Heart Like A Truck”, which drops today (May 20). Alison Dewar takes to the driving seat for a listen.

Drawing parallels between your love life and a truck might sound like a tough match to make, but trust me, this song is a thing of beauty.

The analogies play out perfectly. My favourite line has to be ‘…runs on dreams and gasoline…’; while ‘if you are ready for a ride, buckle up’, serves as a warning that if you’re planning on keeping her company, you’d better know what you’re in for.

With a lively beat and a great chorus hook, it perfectly fits with the ethos that country music is about storytelling – and this song certainly tells a story.

The accompanying video is beautifully shot and features Lainey as the heroine of horse-breaking, beating the cowboys at their own game as she tames a ‘wild’ horse ready to ride off into the sunset…and don’t worry, there’s a truck in there too.

Described as semi-autobiographical and strong, the song is written by Lainey, together with Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson. Produced by Jay Joyce, it’s the first single off her next album – and a safe bet for a (truck) race up the charts.

Available to download from today.

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