Album Review: Luke Combs – “Growin’ Up”

2022 has been a year to celebrate for Luke Combs fans in the UK. With a barnstorming, roof-raising headline performance at this year’s Country 2 Country festival already in his pocket, he now delivers new album Growin’ Up for us all to feast on. LIZ THOMAS gives it a lilsten, and gives us her thoughts.

Growin’ Up’ is the third album from reigning CMA entertainer Luke Combs. Considering ‘Hurricane’, his first single, was released a mere five years ago, he seems to have been around a hell of a lot longer.

‘Growin’ Up’ was co-produced by Combs himself alongside Chip Matthews and Jonathan Singleton. The album contains twelve tracks which are perfect for radio and hold the rocky boot stompin’ style we’ve all come to know and love.

Whilst you can hear a few changes musically, Combs hasn’t pulled away from his roots, which makes him a very popular artist with all ages and a huge fan favourite at festivals here in the UK and across the pond in the States.

Doin This’ was released as a single back in May and shot straight to Number One which makes it Combs’ 14th consecutive single in the charts. The honest lyrics prove that Combs has passion for what he does, and he’d still be creating music and singing even if he wasn’t ‘Doin This’.

Used To Wish I Was’ looks back at all the dreams he had as a kid, of who he wanted to be, that have never come to pass, however he’s learnt to be extremely happy and grateful to be where he is now.

Outrunning Your Memory’ is a very catchy ballad on which he’s roped Miranda Lambert in to trade lyrics and verses all about not being able to forget someone, no matter how much distance is between you.

Any Given Friday Night’ encompasses small town America and with electric guitars, bass and drums, it feels like the most upbeat track on the album.

The Kind of Love We Make’, the second single from the album, proves that Combs is a very humble romantic and that you don’t need all the faff to woo someone you love.

On The Other Line’ shows Combs still has his humour whilst singing about a probable long list of chores his wife is asking him to do. When he’s out fishin’, he has to switch lines because there’s a “six-pound large mouth on the other line”. Which we can assume didn’t go over very well!

All in all ‘Growin’ Up’ is another brilliant offering from Luke Combs. Songs that will have you reminiscing of days gone by and in the next breath will get you up dancing and having a few beers with your buddies.

Growin’ Up’ is the perfect title for this album as through the subtle musical nuances you can tell he’s grown up and is trying new things while sticking to his roots.

Luke Combs Growin' Up Review Album Art

Luke Combs – Growin’ Up – Track Listing

1. Doin’ This
2. Any Given Friday Night
3. The Kind Of Love We Make
4. On The Other Line
5. Outrunnin’ Your Memory (with Miranda Lambert)
6. Used To Wish I Was
7. Better Back When
8. Tomorrow Me
9. Ain’t Far From It
10. Call Me
11. Middle Of Somewhere
12. Going, Going, Gone

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