Live Review: Ingrid Andress Serves Up A Musical Treat

Up close and personal with Ingrid Andress

When Parlophone Records announced an “intimate live performance” by Ingrid Andress ahead of her new album release next month, Six Shooter Country knew it wasn’t one to be missed. Words by Alison Dewar/Photos Craig Dewar

If all has gone according to plan, by now Ingrid Andress will have indulged in her favourite English tradition – afternoon tea. After all, as she told the small audience at Nola’s in London on Tuesday night, she’s waited three long years to return to these shores for a good cuppa and cucumber sandwiches.

The performance was something of a veritable feast in itself, a smorgasboard of new music from her highly-anticipated second album Good Person, due out on August 26, combined with a few favourites from her record-breaking debut album Lady Like.

An intimate performance previewing her new album Good Person

The 3x GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter was in sparkling form. Sassy, funny – at times emotional – and totally engaged with her audience, it was clear she was delighted to be there and having fun on the tiniest of stages.

She has described making the forthcoming Good Person album as both “one of the most painful processes” she has ever been through but also “the brightest and the best”. And, given the previews of the unreleased new tracks we were treated to, we can safely say that best is going to be an understatement.

The new album features 12 songs, all of which were co-written and co-produced by Ingrid, and there’s no doubt that honesty and personal insight is what this artist excels at.

Throughout the night she wore her heart on her sleeve, not afraid to share the feelings and experiences that have inspired her to put pen to paper.

post fun
Ingrid Andress shared her feelings and her emotions on stage at Nola’s

Having begun with the title track, she then gave us a preview of Yearbook, inspired she says, by observing other peoples’ relationships. Beautifully written and very poignant, it takes a reflective look back at young lovers from their yearbook days to where their relationship is now, and the “stigma of divorce”.

Another newbie was the intriguingly-titled How Honest Do You Want Me To Be, asking the million dollar question that can literally make or break a relationship – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Having released Pain just last month (June) – check out the video it was quite awe-inspiring to see and hear this incredibly raw song sung live. It talks movingly of the necessity of growing pains in order to see where change is needed most and to truly experience the joy on the other side.

She described writing it as a “pump-up song to herself”, a comment which generated a raft of cheers from her fans.

The best evenings are the ones you want to go on for ever and More Hearts Than Mine (cue a singalong) and Lady Like (from her debut album of the same name) were where she chose to leave us wanting more.

“I’m taking a moment because I can’t believe I’m here” she said at one point. I think those of us there that night would probably agree.

Ingrid had fun engaging with fans who waited in line for their photo opportunities

She wound up fielding a few questions from lucky ticket competition winners – when interestingly she said one of her worst fears is writing the same song over and over again – before welcoming a long line of fans for their picture-perfect moment alongside her on stage.

It was a pleasure to see how much it meant to her – let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before Ingrid Andress is able to say “time for tea” once more.

Footnote: A shout-out too, to this most fabulous little venue – described as a “hidden speakeasy bar” – it is both stylish and intimate, full of rich colours and picture-lined walls conjuring up days gone by. Full marks all round.

Good Person will be out on August 26. Available to pre-save on all streaming channels or visit

Good Person Tracklist:
1. Good Person (Ingrid Andress/ Steph Jones / Sam Ellis) 
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
2. Yearbook (Ingrid Andress / Pete Good / Shane McAnally /Derrick Southerland)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
3. Seeing Someone Else  (Ingrid Andress/ Derrick Southerland / Jesse Frasure )
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
4. Talk (Ingrid Andress / Alex Stacey / Tommy Gee / David Fremberg / Mich Hansen)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
5. How Honest Do You Want Me to Be?  (Ingrid Andress / Sam Ellis / Derrick Southerland)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
6. No Choice (Ingrid Andress / AJ Pruis / Derrick Southerland)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & AJ Pruis
7. Pain  (Ingrid Andress / Laura Veltz / Sam Ellis)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
8. Feel Like This (Ingrid Andress / Julia Michaels / Sam Ellis )
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
9. Blue (Ingrid Andress / Sam Ellis / Derrick Southerland / Shane McAnally)
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
10. Falling For You (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
11. All the Love (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis 
12. Things That Haven’t Happened Yet  (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
Produced by: Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis

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