Single Review: Wade Bowen “A Guitar, A Singer and A Song”

Wade Bowen A Guitar A Singer And A Song Cover Art

WADE BOWEN releases a heartfelt ballad ahead of full album release. Georgie Thorogood takes a listen.

A Guitar, A Singer and A Song is the newest release from Wade Bowen, ahead of the release of a new full album on the 12th August. Having joined forces with Lori Mckenna to pen this track, Bowen teams up vocally with the legendary Vince Gill to perform the duet, and the result is about as authentic as it comes.

Texan country singers appear to have a firm handle on creating nostalgia and when listening to this song, it is impossible to hear anything but the truth, even from Gill who had no hand in the writing process itself. The message of the song reflects the feelings of, I would assume, a large portion of the country songwriting masses whose overwhelming quest is to create a legacy.

Bowen expands on this saying, “The whole point of doing what we do is to not be forgotten, to try to make a mark on the world with a guitar, with your songs and with your voice…”.

Bowen generously hands over the last verse of the song to Gill’s unique and instantly recognisable voice. His weathered, almost whispered delivery fits like a glove to lines containing the reflective essence of the ballad.

So I’ll write you a thousand songs
And I’ll play you a thousand shows
It’ll feel like a thousand years
Some will remember me and some won’t
But I know why I do what I do
And I’m in ‘til the day that I’m gone
And I pray when they speak my name that I live on
In a guitar, a singer and a song

The gentle production, put together by Bowen himself, accentuates the veracity of the sentiment within the song and it definitely whets the appetite for his forthcoming album, Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth.

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