Single review: Wood Burnt Red – All I Need Is You

Wood Burnt Red new single
Wood Burnt Red’s debut single is out today – and it’s a cracker

If CD singles were still a thing, this would definitely be one for the Christmas Stocking.

Releasing their debut single under the experienced eye (ear) of Tim Prottey-Jones, Wood Burnt Red have just dropped All I Need Is You.

It’s an interesting choice for a debut single, especially considering UK country artists are still finding a great deal of resistance from UK country fans that seem to prefer American artists. However, I implore you, don’t judge this book by its Union Jack cover.

There’s every part the Nashville sound here, with an opening riff reminiscent of Old Dominion and a drum beat that draws you in like a Foo Fighter’s tune before Tom Franklin lays down the lyrics. If I was to label the song or put it in a box, I’d say it’s one of those “Let’s get outta here” kinda tracks. The one where our singer wants to leave his hometown for somewhere better. It doesn’t really matter where, so long as he’s with you.

I like the overall sound. It’s not very “English” if that makes sense? So, if you want your country music to sound like it’s from the States, I’m fairly sure you’ll enjoy this project.

“So, what d’ya say? Time for a change?” I think so, and these guys could be at the forefront of a more rocky country sound from this side of the pond.

I’m already looking forward to finding out what their next release might be. Since this is mid-tempo, it could go either way. More twang? A love-soaked ballad? I guess we’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, crank this one up, enjoy and then go find them in a Midland pub somewhere, playing their hearts out.

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