Jordan Davis – Bluebird Days Review

The new album from Jordan Davis wings it’s way in just three weeks before his Main Stage performances at this year’s C2C Country To Country festival. Paul Sammon nestles in to deliver his verdict.

Jordan Davis Bluebird Days Review - Album Cover

Talk about feeling on-top-of-the-world kind of popular… Jordan Davis toured with Luke Combs last year and, as his new project drops this week, he’s out on Thomas Rhett’s “Bring The Bar To You” tour. Phew, some folks never rest.

The good news is, while he’s over there, we get to enjoy Bluebird Days on repeat over here. It’s been almost 5 years since Home State was released, giving us 2 number one airplay tracks, Singles You Up and Slow Dance In A Parking Lot as well as Take It From Me. Davis has clearly been honing his craft while keeping what works close by.

It’s been an evolution, and not just from a songwriting standpoint,” said Davis, reflecting on the process of creating Bluebird Days with producer Paul DiGiovanni, who also produced his debut album. He added, “Everything matches the song…letting the song be a song and letting the lyrics lead it. Nothing feels forced. To me, it’s an album expressing exactly where I’m at right now.”

With 17 songs, you’ll be pleased to know I won’t go into each track in detail, but I will say this; Double Platinum song of the year, Buy Dirt won’t be the only song that resonates with some, if not all, of you. Here’s some highlights…

If you are a fan, you’ll have most likely already heard Next Thing You Know. What a great track. It’s the story of your life in a song, literally. It uses what our friend Billy Montana phrases as ‘an economy of lyric’ It’s not long-winded and gets to the point. It’s a well-crafted tune from start to finish. From meeting a girl all the way through life to becoming a Grandad. Nice.

Fancy a toe-tapper? Tune in to Damn Good Time. A conversation with exactly that, personifying the damn good time as Davis describes what’s been going on and how he hasn’t seen him since last weekend. A great, up-tempo kind of country tune that’ll have you smiling and popping a top or two.

Okay, two for two on happy songs. Have at it with some philosophy now and a track that’ll make you think. Money Isn’t Real is one of those songs that makes you stop and focus on, let’s face it, what we all already know. We know money “Can’t call you like your mama does” or “make you old friends” or “make you young again” but we forget all that in our day-to-day life. Songs like this take you away and it might just make you do something good for someone. Now, go and watch the sun set and play this, then try and tell me money is the most important thing in the world.

I mentioned it earlier but let’s look at Buy Dirt, since we’re in a money-isn’t-real frame of mind. The two songs kind of go hand in hand. If you’re not familiar with the Luke Bryan collaboration, it references a chat with an old, wise man. Once again, we’re told you can’t buy happiness. You should find the one you can’t live without, settle down and raise a family. Of course, for those choosing the single life, you may scoff at this track, but the fact it has won multiple awards since its release in 2021 shows it hits the spot with many folks, even now, over a year on.

Another single already released is Midnight Crisis. A double whammy in that it’s the album’s (almost obligatory?) breakup song and a collaboration. This time with female vocalist Danielle Bradbery. It’s no Aldean and Clarkson I have to say but it’ll appeal to some of you, I’m sure.

I’m the first to admit I’m a tiny bit soppy and love a good love song. What My World Spins Around is a great example of how the genre doesn’t have to be a slow ballad. As the song starts it’s clear what direction it’s going, but this really is an awesome tune. I love the tempo and the drumming and the way it booms into the chorus. It might actually be my favourite song on the album.

The title track leans to a more traditional sound. I say that hesitantly since I’m a 90’s country fan but I know some of you see the 70’s as trad. Suffice to say there’s a bit more twang and slide guitar and less of a pop sound. It’s a gentle melody. Maybe the sound is meant to reflect the fact the lyrics are kind of reminiscent of an older time? I think Bluebird Days is a great title for the album. The song is a bit sad though, pondering the singer’s parent’s breakup. I guess there’s a level of reality in there, but the song isn’t for me.

If you fancy a bit of redemption though, then Sunday Saints is for you. You want a rockier, lovin’ on you song? Check out No Time Soon. There’s fishing songs, songs about love, beer, Jesus and Bocephus. (Make a note – there’s a lyric there I reckon.)

Truly, with the advent of streaming, albums like this really come to the fore. What I mean is, you can listen to every single song, have your favourite one on repeat or make a playlist to cut out the tracks you’re not keen on. Either way, at 17 tunes long, Bluebird Days will give you a good hour out on the road. I’m fairly certain you’ll want to play it all the way back home, too.

Jordan Davis’ Bluebird Days is released on Friday 17th February 2023 and available to buy, download or stream from all the usual outlets

Jordan Davis – Bluebird Days – Track Listing

  1. Damn Good Time
  2. Money Isn’t Real
  3. Tucson Too Late
  4. What My World Spins Around
  5. Sunday Saints
  6. No Time Soon
  7. You’ve Got My Number
  8. Next Thing You Know
  9. Fishing Spot
  10. One Beer In Front Of The Other
  11. Bluebird Days
  12. Part Of It
  13. Short Fuse
  14. Whiskey Weak
  15. Midnight Crisis – w/ Danielle Bradbery
  16. What I Wouldn’t Do
  17. Buy Dirt

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