Single Review: Wood Burnt Red – Redneck

Wood Burnt Red
Redneck is the new single from Wood Burnt Red

Penned by their lead singer, Tom Franklin, I believe this track is truly the epitome of how us Brits feel about US country music and how we see ourselves as fans thereof.

If I could have a song written about me, this would be it. It’s gritty, a bit rocky, definitely country but doesn’t sound quintessentially English. For a long while now U.K. has had its own mainstream, almost “folky” sound. It’s what makes it “UK country” I guess. Singing about fish ‘n’ chips and all the quaint things that made us go, “About time we showed them Yanks how we do it.”

But this band are taking them on at their own game. Still very much a song for this side of the pond with a hook that goes “I’m a Redneck trapped in the body of an English boy”, Wood Burnt Red, only two releases in, are already developing a country rock sound that would compete with the likes of Drake White or A Thousand Horses.

This single is so relatable, and I truly hope the guys continue in this vein and carve a path onto the festival circuit or, at the very least, a worthy opener for a touring Nashville Headliner.

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