Single review: Katy Hurt has nothing to lose with her fabulous new country soul single

Katy Hurt - what have you go to lose
Katy Hurt’s new single is out this Friday

Katy Hurt has been teasing an acoustic version of her new single What Have You Got To Lose on social media these past two weeks and if you thought that was good…wait for the full band version.

The single – the fourth to be released from her upcoming debut album – is out this Friday, April 21 on all major platforms.

Recorded at Stereobus Studios in Winnipeg under master producer (and Juno award-winning) Murray Pulver, this latest track is about showcasing the power of love and the strength of commitment.

There’s certainly no doubting the commitment and quality of Katy’s voice as she harnesses her stunning country soul sound in what is effectively a conversation for a loved one. ‘What have you got to lose, Tell me, I ain’t going nowhere, Yeah, I’ll always be there, Nothing to lose‘…lyrics like that make me want to slow dance around the floor – although to be fair, I guess the title of the track may raise a few eyebrows on a wedding playlist!

At a fraction under five minutes, this track isn’t a quick ‘dive-in and dive-out’ kind of song (not for me anyway), it’s so powerful that it really demands all your attention, and touches your soul as the chorus builds and builds with intensity. A country classic in the making right there.

katy hurt has a new single
‘It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone…’ Katy Hurt

Katy says: “We wanted to create something that would really resonate with people. The lyrics are all about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone, whilst knowing that you can have the safety net of a strong relationship to fall back on. I think that’s something that a lot of people hope for in love.”

The track is a follow-up to her successful singles Sounds Good In A Bar, The Kiss and Wish I Could Give You Up, all of which will feature on the new album. Having described 2022 and 2023 as ‘truly the most incredibly rewarding and exciting period of releasing music so far in her career’, for Katy Hurt it looks like the best is yet to come.

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