Single Review: Mackenzie Porter – Chasing Tornadoes

Mackenzie Porter kicks up a storm with her latest track Chasing Tornadoes, out today (May 5) on Big Loud Records, writes Cait Watters.

New single from Mackenzie Porter
Mackenzie Porter’s new single is out today

It’s an exciting taste of new music for the Canadian who wowed UK audiences for the first time in March at Country 2 Country and it’s also the first song off her highly-anticipated full-length, debut album with Big Loud.

Content wise, Chasing Tornadoes is a song we’ve heard in many variations – the playing with fire, chasing the thrill from a relationship that probably won’t end well. It’s Porter’s swagger that sells it, makes it feel fresh and something to note. She has a wonderful voice, the power of it showing as she eases through line after line seamlessly, flowing fast like the titular weather phenomenon.

It’s also pretty dang catchy too!

Mackenzie Porter
Mackenzie Porter – well on the road to success.
Photo credit: Bree Fish

The twang radiates in the musical composition. This makes Porter a woman of her word, the vibe of this one exactly as she teased to us back in March ahead of her C2C appearance.

“The majority of the record leans super, super country,” Porter shared. “Then there’s a couple of what I would say progressive pop-country songs on there. I think it’s the best stuff I have ever written.”

Though this one isn’t written by Porter, it was penned by the powerhouse trio of Lainey Wilson, Emily Landis and Jamie Moore – if what’s to come is anything like Chasing Tornadoes, then we’re in for a right treat of an album.

The video for Chasing Tornadoes premieres on Monday May 8 at 5pm US CT and you can watch a trailer here:

For more info, visit:

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