Review: Kezia Gill ain’t no Misfit as she steps up a gear

Misfit is the new album from Kezia Gill
Misfits is the new album out tomorrow from Kezia Gill

It’s been quite a year so far for Kezia Gill. Last Saturday she was playing at BST Hyde Park (an event headlined by Bruce Springsteen in case you’ve had your head under a rock these past few days); she has an up-and-coming tour this October; and tomorrow (Friday July 14) sees the launch of her long-awaited full length album Misfit.

Having had the chance to preview the album, I can tell you this is Kezia Gill turned up to full volume, yet also softer than ever when she needs to be. The northern powerhouse (she is always fond of reminding us of her roots ‘up north’) gets stronger every time we hear her.

The album has been a long-held dream. When we spoke to Kezia back in January she told us it was going to be ‘an eclectic mix of everything that comes out of my head’ and I would say that’s a fair description.

We’ve got break-up songs, the depth of emotions, lively toe-tappers and powerful ballads that showcase this lady’s infinite talent. I would describe it as taking you on a roadtrip that is best buddies, thoughtful, insightful, full of love and kickin’ ‘ass – all at the same time.

Kezia Gill playing BST Hyde Park on Saturday (photos: Alison Dewar)

Talking about her new music and her tour, Kezia says: “To say I’m excited to be taking my new music out on tour is an understatement! I’ve been sitting on these new songs for so long and I can’t wait to unleash them on the world. We’re hitting bigger venues, bringing a whole new show, and I’ll be giving my absolute all to every single stage.”

Some of the tracks are already familiar, notably Like I Did Before, released in 2022, and this year’s powerful Whiskey Over Ice, more recently followed by House on the Hill and Smokey.

All great songs in their own right of which the standout for me has to be Whiskey Over Ice performed to great effect on Saturday afternoon – I’ve always thought of it as the sort of love song that wraps itself around you like a comfortable sweater.

The new album cracks off with the title track, Misfit – a rock anthem of a song that crashes onto its own stage and is set to be an audience favourite.

Highlights? I’m lovin’ Sweet Spot not just for the rhythm but also for the fantastic guitar work, while No Idea is a song to bop along with. Very clever lyrics, it has a slightly ‘old-fashioned’ sound that reminds me of a good old singalong – take a listen and see what you think.

A few days ago, Kezia took to social media to tell her fans the story behind her ‘personal favourite’ – track number nine Price of Loving You, a truly emotional outpouring that I defy anyone to get through without tissues.

Written in 2020, as she and her family were caring for her father in the last few days of his life, she tells how she sat down at the piano to write and ‘cried like she never cried before’. It is the simplest, most stripped-back of all the tracks and the more stunning for it. As she says, loving is the easy part and losing is the hard part.

The final track continues the more pared back theme.  Dear Me is a letter to the writer, penned from the point of first love at just sweet sixteen through the heartbreaks and relationship rollercoasters, and the need to believe in yourself and who you’re meant to be.

On the evidence of this long-awaited album, Kezia Gill should be riding high on the back of that self-belief for some time to come. Full marks.

Kezia Gill tour dates
Tour dates for Kezia Gill this autumn

You can catch Kezia on tour in October with tickets already on sale and those lucky enough to be heading to The Long Road, will see her there too.

Misfit” the album is available now for pre-save / pre-add

Track list


Whiskey Over Ice

Like I Did Before


House on the Hill


Sweet Spot

No Idea

Price of Loving You

Dear Me

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